Maiden Erlegh Nature Reserve

Welcome to Maiden Erlegh Nature Reserve.
Home to 50 billion residents.

This guide is intended to inform you about what you can expect to see in and around the 24 acres of the reserve.

The Reserve consists of areas of ancient and secondary woodland, grassland, a large lake, a brook, an old woodland pond and surrounding wetland habitat.

The area supports a large amount of wildlife including some 100+ species of butterflies and moths, over 50 species of birds, 50 species of fungi and over 20 species of trees.

The woodland is managed on the Town Council's behalf by its Park Ranger and Bailiff Services and is done so in a traditional way using many of the skills of yesteryear, such as coppicing.

Our aim is to improve and develop habitats within the whole park so that current and future generations can enjoy this natural area. To this end we involve specialist agencies and academic bodies.

The park was declared a Local Nature Reserve in 1997 and was officially opened on 23rd April that year. The park also contains Wildlife Heritage Sites and is a Site of Urban Landscape Value.

The park has been owned and managed by Earley Town Council since the 1960's and was formerly part of the Maiden Erlegh Estate, the last owner being Solly Joel.

The Reserve is located between Lakeside, Beech Lane & Instow Road in Earley near Reading in the UK.
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